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The Meaning of Picking up Trash

I found a piece of toilet paper next to the table outside the trash can, should I pick it up or not? Picking it up is too tiring; not picking it up makes it messy. When I was young, I wouldn't pick it up, but now I would. When I was young, I naturally sought pleasure and avoided pain, and I still do now, just with different standards. What is pain, and what is pleasure? Picking it up is meaningless, not picking it up is also meaningless, because the effort to pick it up is not important in my eyes, and the joy brought by laziness is diminishing. In that case, there is nothing stopping you from picking it up, and there is nothing stopping you from not picking it up, it all depends on your thoughts, in a single thought. So meaninglessness is not truly meaningless, and being nihilistic is not for the sake of being nihilistic. True meaninglessness is like being transcendently objective (, utterly meaningless. Yet within objectivity, there is a certain intention. I picked up the toilet paper, even though I could have picked it up or not, but I still did. I chose to make myself move, bend down, make the room cleaner, and the reward more timely. That is the purpose, that is the meaning. This is a form of self-control. Are you the master or the king? The true relationship between the individual and oneself (, governing oneself through analogy with politics. Governing a large country is like cooking small fish, and cooking small fish is also like governing a large country.
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