一個人的存在記錄 | 存在不必记录,记录即是存在

Easier said than done.

I don't know when, but people have always said, "Knowledge and action are one." "Knowledge" is simple, "action" is difficult, "it's easy to say, but hard to do." According to this logic, speaking and thinking, which are subjective, are not as important as objective actions. Objectivism believes that subjectivity and objectivity are just different perspectives. Objectivism does not deliberately separate subjectivity and objectivity, but rather interprets them together under objectivity. "Talking about" and "doing" are two different concepts, but they are put together to highlight the fact that many people "talk" without proposing a tested and effective method. This approach tends to be ironic towards those who "talk". If one goes straight to find a solution and a matching methodology, there will likely be no conflict between "talking about" and "doing". This platform has always advocated that thinking is happiness, and the process of understanding itself is a form of action. To accomplish something, one just needs to meet its requirements. Once one realizes the methodology and the necessity of implementation, it will naturally be achieved. In fact, this statement should be revised to say that it is easy to talk and easy to do, but it is not easy to talk about and do. If one talks about it, they can do it.
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