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The Objectivism Behind Human Modification

Can thinking be rooted? In fact, it can change just like the theory of human nature ( The method of change is also the same, such as manipulating fame and fortune. It can be achieved by changing the material foundation. No matter how lecherous a person is, they will become resolute when subjected to palace punishment; no matter how weak a person is, they will become hysterical without food or drink; no matter how noble a person is, they will lower themselves under severe torture. For those in power, it is easy to manipulate and control people, even the entire population, with a little effort. However, what about those without power or influence? Power and influence are relative ( Compared to things we control, we also have power and influence. For example, our bodies, habits, thoughts... and even our pets. In a broader sense, all social relationships involve some form of power. We need to do household chores when interacting with family members, help each other when interacting with colleagues, and negotiate prices when interacting with vendors... all of these involve some form of power. Of course, the most important thing is to transform ourselves. From small tasks like cleaning to living a happy life, all of these can be achieved through this method. For example, make clothes easier to wash by buying a washing machine. Set an alarm to remind yourself of important things. Although these are simple things, they have a significant impact, just like the air we breathe. But the key question is, what do we want to become? This is a question that no one can answer. It's like, if you don't want to play games, how can you defeat monsters and level up? If you want to have meaning, that's fine too. As the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together," and "gegeyan" (a type of fish similar to a snake) also flock together. If you associate with virtuous people, you will become virtuous; if you associate with wicked people, you will become wicked. Over time, culture changes. However, many people actually don't want to become anything specific. All of this is objectivism. From childhood to adulthood, many people have said to me, "What's the use of these grand theories you're talking about?" I have also been deeply affected by this criticism. Everything must have a purpose, of course, based on what I consider useful. At that time, I remembered something from a political book that said idealism and materialism cannot coexist, and I felt frustrated. Must we only choose one? I want both. In fact, I have always believed that objectivism is a law. Our world is like an onion, a Russian nesting doll. We always want to pursue essence and originality, always thinking that essence is more important than characteristics, inner qualities are more important than external appearances, substance is more important than form... I sneer at this. This opposition is unnecessary. What we can grasp is the external, peeling away layers, uncovering the veil, breaking the onion, smashing the nesting doll. As for what is inside, I believe it is not yet time to uncover it. The objective world always has its own laws, and these laws require a material carrier. Our world is like an ink painting. No matter how high-dimensional it is, if we want to change our world, it must act upon the canvas of our world. Regardless of how many worlds or dimensions there are, our world can only unfold with ink. Objectivism is a doctrine based on ink, a doctrine based on objectivity.
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